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Kwick Drumlin Cargo

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The Kwick Drumlin Cargo was specifically developed for cargo e-bikes. A special 4-ply construction and a sub-tread puncture breaker result in a load capacity of 150kg/tire and an increase to overall durability.

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CARGO 214230 26x2.40 61-559 SINGLE KS/4-PLY WIRE 60 1346±67 NO
CARGO 214229 26x2.20 56-559 SINGLE KS/4-PLY WIRE 60 1274±64 NO
CARGO 214226 26x2.00 51-559 SINGLE KS/4-PLY WIRE 60 1179±59 NO
CARGO 214231 24x2.40 61-507 SINGLE KS/4-PLY WIRE 60 1223±61 NO
CARGO 214228 24x2.20 56-507 SINGLE KS/4-PLY WIRE 60 1166±58 NO
CARGO 214225 24x2.00 50-507 SINGLE KS/4-PLY WIRE 60 1075±54 NO
CARGO 214232 20x2.40 61-406 SINGLE KS/4-PLY WIRE 60 973±49 NO
CARGO 214227 20x2.20 56-406 SINGLE KS/4-PLY WIRE 60 932±47 NO
CARGO 214224 20x2.00 50-406 SINGLE KS/4-PLY WIRE 60 881±44 NO


A layer of light, flexible rubber containing aramid and ceramic particles for increased puncture resistance. Designed to prevent punctures and increase tire life. Intended use: Commuting, city

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Approved for e-bikes with a speed rating of 25km/h.

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Customer Reviews

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E-Cargo Biker
Reliable E-Cargo Tires at a Reasonable Price

2nd time buying these tires. The first ones were for a long John Yuba Mundo Cargo bike. I bought the 2.4in. for front and back, love the extra cushioning in the ride and reasonable rolling resistance. They grip "all right" -- I'm not looking for speed anyway, as I'm heavy, the bike is heavy and I'm often tipping the scale as rider + bike + cargo at 375+lbs. I can't tell you how they handle faster than 20 mph. They were easy to fit onto the Yuba stock rims. The Mundo is my mini-van. Second time I have bought the tires I purchased the 2.2 inch Cargo 4ply tires for my Surly Troll that I often load up with Velocity cliff hanger 25mm rims on the Troll, the tires were a lot harder to fit on. But they're on and I've noted the tread wear between the Yuba after 350 miles, and the Troll's spanking new tires. "There's only a little wear from the 300 miles on the Yuba". I may get 1,500 miles on them easy! So, in short recommended!

Travis Richardson

I'm riding my cargo bike from California to Virginia and needed a tire that could carry the load and the Kwick Drumlin cargo bike tire is the real deal. You can count on those tires for sure. I love them.

David Ingels
Great load carrying, long life!

These cost a little more than what I was using, but I am totally impressed with their long life. I am getting over twice the lifespan! Plus, they are built heavy and I feel much safer. I use them on the rear of a motorized trike, a hybrid, which weighs almost 600 lbs with me on it.

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