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E-Bike Tire FAQs
Can I use E-Bike tires on my regular bike?

Yes! The same certifications that our E-Bike tires receive from extensive safety and durability testing not only make sure that they are ready to use on E-Bikes makes them great for use on pedal powered bicycles as well.

What is E50?

Like ECE, E50 is Kenda’s own certification for E-Bike tires that have been internally tested and approved for use on E-Bikes up to 50 km/h

What is the ECE-R75 certification?

ECE-R75 is a certification given to tires that pass stringent safety regulations governed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Due to the increased load, torque and speed of ebikes, they are classified under the ECE as mopeds in Europe which are governed at 50 km/h and must pass more stringent guidelines than standard bicycle tires.

Currently in the United States there are no specific regulations regarding tires on E-Bikes

What is the EMC casing?

EMC is our E-Mountain Casing. Thanks to a reinforced ply of woven fabric and an additional layer of puncture protection, Tires with our EMC construction are built to withstand the higher loads on the tire because of the heavier bike and the higher speeds and torque at the rear tire. Tires with our EMC are ECE-R75 certified and approved for usage on e-bikes up to 50 km/h

Why does my tire have a moped label on it?

The ECE-R75 certification requires tires with the certification to be labeled as moped as the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe has categorized E-Bikes up to 50 km/h under the same regulations as mopeds.